Importance Of The Sharia

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The Quar’an is the Holy book of Islam and the direct word of god. The Quar’an is very important to Muslims. It allows Muslims to expand their knowledge about Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, and also gain the ability to become less ignorant of their religion. Muslims believe that the Quar’an was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad over a span of about 20 years by the angel Gabriel. The Quar’an is used by Muslims in almost all of their rituals. When Muslims pray, they recite verses from the Quar’an, and the most important part is chapter one also known as the sura of the Quar’an which means the opener. Many muslims study the Quar’an everyday to lead and guide their lives. Muslims believe that the Quar’an is the most holy book because it remains unaltered and other holy books have been changed in a way by disciples.…show more content…
Sharia law in the life of a Muslim is very important as well. Sharia is the waterway that leads to a main stream for Muslims. Basically, it’s a certain path or passage that ultimately leads to greater things in life. Sharia is based on regulations, values, and teachings. According to sources, “Shariah embraces worship, morals and conduct, as well as it embraces the political, social and economic, as well as other spheres. The Shariah, therefore, is a path - set by Allah for those who accept Him - to follow, in order to attain success both in the worldly life and in the hereafter.” This basically explains in short detail the significance of

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