Importance Of The Quran Essay

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Quran is the complete epitome of Islam which truly defines what the jest and central idea of the Islam what Islam offers and what it requires from its worshippers and what Allah offers in this and the hereafter. The greatest qualities which helps to gain Allah’s mercy and those which annoys him are mentioned in the Quran in detail. A lot of miracles bestowed upon the prophets of Allah have been mentioned in the Quran which only highlights the importance of the Quran. Our Holy Prophet S.A.W.W has been bestowed the miracle of the Quran which just highlights its beauty and power. The greatness of the Quran is even more prominent due to the fact that it hasn’t changed throughout the centuries. The Quran is also written in very clear and understanding…show more content…
It has no weak points like the many other holy books where you were only taught about only one of the life. The Quran is a book which gives mankind both the spiritual and mental energy they require or want. The main points include the oneness of God, faith and God-consciousness, the Hereafter and its significance. The Quran also puts very much importance on common sense. In these terms humans understanding, the Quran goes a long way to just satisfying the human intellect; it guides or forces one to reflect on their actions. The Quran is filled with quotes and expressions which are there to guide us and help us in our time of need. One of the most important points to bolster up the fact that Quran and Islam are the complete religion are due to the fact that even science is backing up all of the points made in the Quran which have even forced non believers to seek guidance and knowledge from the Quran they look to Quran so that they could extract the necessary information from it so that they can prove their experiments and proofs ,some of the important and main points about science mentioned in the Quran are the big bang theory ,embryology, photosynthesis and many more . There is not a single statement that has not been proved by the modern discoveries of the society. Another important characteristics of the Quran is that it has been written in very east and clear terms if you compare it to some other holy books as they have been written in a very difficult dialect. Mankind can’t even begin to comprehend the knowledge present in the Quran only now have we been able to fathom even a little bit of the intelligence the Islam has given us in the form of Quran. Many a philosophers have looked for its guidance. During the golden age for the Muslim empire all of its scientists, philosophers and poets all were good Muslims, who gained their knowledge from the text of the
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