Importance Of Teamwork In Sports

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This paper discusses how interpersonal skills and professional behaviors are gained from participating in numerous extracurricular activities mainly focusing on sports. Interpersonal skills are those abilities, attitudes, and competencies centered on relationships and interactions with other people. Strong relationships are a key driver in success, and strong relationships start with good interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills are a very high necessity in sports participation because whether one is a professional athlete or not, sports participation can enhance leadership qualities that are needed both effective on and off the field. Studies suggest that sport can lead to more than just physical health in a child’s life. It
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Teamwork helps motivate participants to do their part, assisting the team to reach its ultimate goal. Teamwork also involves delegation of tasks, which is what successful leaders do every day. Great leaders need team building skills in order to be exemplary and effective to those they lead. A growth of team building skills in the workplace can positively influence group projects, campaigns, employee engagement and motivation in the workplace. As a member of a sports team, an individual has the responsibility to react to different situations in a variety of ways. This means that, at times, they may need to lead the team just as others might do when it’s their turn. Participating in sport regularly raises individual’s awareness of situations, allowing them to recognize when the best time is to take action and when to let others make the first move. Once they get it right, individuals can see the benefits to appropriate leadership and they can incorporate it into their professional lives later on. Team spirit, sharing tasks and responsibilities; implementing a democratic policy when conducting activities, setting objectives, sharing opinions and making collaborative decisions assists sportspersons in accomplishing their goal. Team work and its importance are always highly emphasized by coaches and sports…show more content…
Conflict in sports occurs frequently because of the pressure of competition. It can transpire any time before, during, or after competition when athletes are most stressed or excited. Such conflicts are amplified in expression and feeling due to the athletes' strong need and desire to win. Sport is one of the best platforms for teaching youth how to deal with conflict. Most teams has developed a unique, effective curriculum aimed at confronting the challenges youth face when getting frustrated or angry with their team members. Conflict resolution curriculum clarifies the dynamics of the relationship between two or more athletes who are in conflict and explores ways of developing a healthy, competitive and positive relationship among the athletes such that in the end both athletes are able to make peace and acknowledged each other and diffuse the situation before a major competition. If negative emotions erupt during practice or competition, teams explores the reasons why, then thoroughly trains on ways to change perspectives and empathize to help team members rather than cling to grudges. They show how empathy and compassion lead to greater effectiveness for teams in achieving goals and winning games. Sports also teach how these problems and solutions are analogous to larger societal issues. Sport then becomes a
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