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Chances make people who they are. It is known that all people make mistakes, do things that are wrong by the outlook of society, and are left up to "second chances". This could be a blessing or a curse. Blessings for the people who use their chance for the better, and to advance from the loss, to make up for lost ground, and regain a grip on life. Some will grow mentally and go on to help others who are headed down the wrong path. It 's saving others from taking the loss, or from putting loss in others ' lives. One can never know what they have until it 's gone due to mistakes. From someone to convert one’s mind from the negative and turn it positive is a blessing and without a second chance there would never be the opportunity to shine.…show more content…
To take a chance, one is accepting the possibilities of what could happen from the choice they have made. As for second chances being a curse...well, this is primarily due to the person who is given a second chance, the reason being that a lot of people have a very corrupted way of thinking due to the way life goes on around them. Most of these people would use the opportunity of a second chance to try to get away or out of a predicament someone may be in. These people are liberated only to plot and plan ways to get away with future wrongdoing. A lot of this frame of thinking comes from a polluted mind, one that has been overcome by the poisons and stresses in life such as poverty, young parenthood, addiction, and acceptance. These people speak of having no clue of the real meaning of life, which can be a curse. Some individuals are not capable of taking the steps to change because it seems like a challenge too big to achieve. This is caused by a lack of self worth. Others given a second chance will make it worthless by…show more content…
One can not change how they have done things before, but being given a second chance opens doors to be to whoever one feels they can be. Without another chance in anything, one can not correct the ways of thinking, the outlook of the future, or the way people see them. It is a way to turn the bad into the good, make a change and leave the wrongdoing behind. There are many who only get one chance and hope and wish every day that there could be a second chance, one that they know they may never get. Some would argue that without second chances the world would be a better place. People who think this way, have good points, but no one can say that they were never given a second chance. People give chances to others and people are quick to look down on people as a way to gain control over others. They try to gain control with the word chance. Chance leads to your choice. In turn, this leads to life. Do wrong and there is always the chance that there will not be another chance. So when you ask me about second chances, these are words that carry a lot of meaning to people and words that they live

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