Importance Of Safety In The Laboratory Lab

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Safety in school labs Safety remains one of the key elements in modern school labs; it is necessary for the staff to ensure the safety of all the lab users. Every chemical and equipment in the laboratory have the potential to harm if adequate safety measures are not taken into account. As lab uses, you have to consider that you follow the basic safety guidelines for the lab sessions. Always be aware of all the general safety precaution and familiarize yourself with the appropriate protective measures that can keep you safe (NIOSH, 2006). It is important to consider that serious damage could occur if the basic safety rules and regulations for lab practice are not followed. It is in this light that a clear guideline for safety and protection…show more content…
Everyone in the laboratory needs to wear splash goggles for eye protection at all times, and safety goggles are uniquely designed to protect lab used in case of an accident. The clothing worn must cover the whole body and should not have loose ends. All users should also wear closed shoes that are flat; you should not wear sandals, woven shoes or any other open shoes (Malcom, 2009). Jewelry and other accessories are prohibited and should not be worn in the laboratory. Finally, all Lab users require wearing protective gloves that protect the hands and should ensure the correct use. While in the chemistry lab one needs to wear all the required personal safety clothing for personal safety reasons.
Personal Hygiene
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It is mandatory that all the lab users need to work under the supervision of the instructor or any other qualified personnel. When conducting experiments, the users need to proceed with caution and report any spills, injuries and accidents to the teacher or the person in charge. The students should be careful when handling the lab chemicals and equipment to avoid accidents (Jay, 2010). When heating substances caution should be taken not to point the test tube to yourself or a colleague. All open flames that are in use within the lab should not be unattended and always turn off all the heating equipment and water taps when not in use. All the students should ensure that no experiment should be left while in progress at all
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