Importance Of Mysticism

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Mysticism: The Universal Key to Happiness No matter what one may know or believe in, mysticism is the universal key to eternal happiness. In class this semester, we have studied mysticism from different perspectives such as Buddhism and Hinduism. As a strong Christian, learning about new religions has opened my mind and heart to new thoughts and knowledge. I have learned that no matter what religion one may practice, mysticism is greatly valuable to one’s life. Mysticism can change a person’s life; one must open the door and welcome it within. Today’s society has become overwhelmed and consumed in worldly pleasures. More and more people are turning away from religion and focusing on material goods. Our society has learned to live in sinfulness. I propose that mysticism can change the path of where our society is headed. Mysticism is established in most all of our world’s major religions. Buddhism and Hinduism are two religions that conspicuously harness mysticism and mystical experiences. As a Christian, mysticism is not a term that we commonly associate with. However, mysticism is connected through diverse religions in different means. Buddhism is a major world religion that values the importance of mysticism. This religion is based off of Siddhartha Gautama, or the Buddha. Gautama was born into a wealthy family but later came to question…show more content…
However, mysticism can completely demolish this mindset people take. Mysticism transforms a person into a life of purity, no matter what religion you belong to. People of the world need stimulation and need something to thrive off of . Most people feed off of materials and things of the world. So, when things of the world one day fail, what will there be to thrive on? Mysticism helps people descend from this world towards a religious and divine life because this is where they will
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