Importance Of Job Analysis And Job Design

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RQCH02 Job Analysis & Job Design 1. the importance of job analysis and how to analyze jobs in the hospitality industry. (slide 1–8) (pp. 55–63) It is important to determine what a job entails and through job analysis you can unveil the tasks, behaviors Explain and characteristics a person must possess to do a certain job. A manager must select the jobs he needs to analyze then designate someone to collect the information determined to be useful. That information is then processed to write job descriptions and specifications for that position. Some positions need to be analyzed more often than others, especially when there is a change to that position. The information collected such as; actual work activities and the equipment necessary to…show more content…
Describe the classifications of employees that make up an organization’s labor force. (slides 15–17) (pp. 69–72) Classification of employees can be broken down into two categories: Permanent employees- work full-time and are on company payroll and may receive benefits Alternative employees comprise of- Part time workers who generally work less than twenty hours a week and do not receive benefits. Temp agencies are a source for finding temporary employees who work for a designated time period. Outsourced employees work for a separate entity but provides services for their company. 5. Explain the importance of a staffing guide and identify the steps involved in developing a staffing guide. (slides 18–24) (pp. 72–76) Staffing guides is a scheduling and control tool to determine the man power required to properly operate a business. Utilizing a staffing guide a manager can estimate labor expenses. Managers need to: Set productivity standards Determine the total anticipated sales and guest volume Determine man power required Determine total labor hours Estimate the labor expense 6. Apply trend line and moving average techniques to forecast business volume and labor needs. (slides 25–29) (pp.
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