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Home Invasion Crime Scene As a detective, you have just been called to the scene of a crime, following a reporting of a home invasion burglary, in which a juvenile female has been raped. The victim has been transported to the hospital. The suspect was caught running from the scene, attempting to get into his car. Drugs and a running computer were visible on the front seat of the vehicle, in which you suspect was attempting to be used as a getaway from the crime scene. What do you perform, and in what order of operations? I will inform you what must be done, in what chronological order, the importance of performing each step, and what could happen as a result of missing steps.

IDENTIFY THE FIRST RESPONDER Upon arriving at the scene of
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COLLECT EVIDENCE. The next step to be taken is to canvas the area for any witnesses, who can assist in the investigation, identify any victims, providing medical attention if required, properly collect all evidence in correlation with the crime, avoiding contamination, and to identify, and detain the suspect who was caught attempting to flee the scene for interrogation. Nonetheless, it 's very important that we make sure that all witnesses and suspects be separated, preventing them from engaging in any conversation amongst each other about any relevant information involving the victim, or nature of the crime.
Home Invasion
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Before we can do this we must obtain permission from the individual who currently occupies the dwelling as their home. Having written consent to search the premises, whether from someone of legal age occupying the premises, we want to search, or through a search warrant is gravely important. In fact, any evidence obtained through an unreasonable or illegal search, may not be used at trial. This is known as the “exclusionary rule”. Law enforcement may not use evidence obtained as the result of an illegal search to find other evidence. In our current situation, the victim is a minor and cannot grant us permission to search the premises. As a result of the victim being a minor, we are required to gain permission to enter from someone who is of legal age of consent, such as victims ' parents. If we are unable to gain permission to enter from that of someone who is of legal age of consent, we can obtain a search warrant, although that may be a lengthy process in which we want to avoid. Waiting for a search warrant prevents the collection of evidence to be executed promptly, turning it over to the lab for testing. Regardless of whether or not we get granted access by someone of legal age to consent who resides at the residence or we have to wait for a search warrant to be executed, we always want to make sure the crime scene is secured. Once we are authorized to search the crime
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