Preliminary Investigation For A Criminal Case

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Assemble a set of guidelines on conducting preliminary investigation for a criminal case. When there is a criminal case, are a set of guidelines a criminal investigator should follow when conducting a preliminary inquiry. These guidelines consist of arriving to a crime scene in a timely manner just in case the suspect may still be at or near the scene (Hess, K.M & Orthmann, C.H., 2013). They will need to take care of any injured person or people that may need emergency care. Check to see if there are any witness seen what had happen. Make sure the crime scene is safe and secured. Once the crime scene became secured that will be the time to start questioning the victims, witness and or the suspects. This would also be the time for some officers to conduct a neighborhood canvass (Hess, K.M & Orthmann, C.H., 2013). Measuring, taking photograph, videotape and sketching the scene just in case the weather is bad that day. Search for evidence,…show more content…
First, you would call 911 as soon as you see, hear, experience or know of both crime that are being committed. The caller should give the dispatcher as much information as possible so the officers can find the crime scene, and try to describe as much detail of what the suspect or suspects look like or what they are wearing. The witness should only stay away from the crime scene and wait for the police to arrive on the scene. However, if the victim is hurt or need CPR. I think the witness should step in and help. Once the police arrive, the witness should write out the statement giving, as many details that witness know about the crimes that was committed. Make sure you answer any questions that the police have with as much detail as possible. Make sure you leave your contact information with the officers just in case they need to ask you any more questions about the crimes that was
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