Importance Of History Matter Essay

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Why Does History Matter?
History encapsulates our everyday lives. History is not just about places, dates and individuals, but also about characters and perspectives. As Penelope J. Corfield writes 'When asked 'Why History? ' the answer is that History is inescapable '. Stephen Fry adds 'It is thrilling, absorbing, fascinating, delightful and infuriating, that it is life...It is the story of us had we been born a little earlier ' . History is then a story of us all and where we have come from, by studying it we effectively illuminate our past and bring it to life within our contemporary setting. History is rooted deeply in our culture, on both a national level and at a local, communal level. These histories are displayed in a variety of manners, ranging from lavish museums and old townhouses to
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History tests your analytical and reasoning skills, your ability to pierce through agendas and see what lies between the lines. These techniques allow those who study history to construct well-rounded arguments. Through the study of History we can view past experiences through the lens of our contemporary, modern way of life. An example of the historiography in practice is the perception of our ancestors and the differences between them and us. Tosh speaks of the 'otherness of the past ' and challenges the popular idea that characters of the past were 'just like us '. In Chapter 2 Tosh talks of ancient Athens 'where ideas which are the foundation of modern philosophy took shape in a society underpinned by slavery '. Stephen Fry compounds this when he writes 'Great and good men and women stirred sugar into their coffee knowing that it had been picked by slaves. Kind, good ancestors of all of us never questioned hangings, burnings, tortures, inequality, suffering and injustice that today revolt

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