Importance Of Genres In Children's Literature

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Picture books, novels, short stories, plays and poetry offer all children opportunity for enjoyment and satisfaction. At every age, children can gain pleasure from the humour of texts, the entertaining plots, characters, situations and use of language. They can find reassurance in encountering familiar situations and feelings or enjoy escaping into different worlds and broadening their experience. They also can gain satisfaction from being challenged to consider issues and reflect on preconceptions and prejudices. Genres in children’s literature In the book “Children’s Literature: A Developmental Perspective” by Barbara E. Travers and John F. Travers eight possible genres of children’s literature – the picture book, traditional literature,…show more content…
In order for children to expand their full effort on learning a new language, they must perceive that they are gaining something from the endeavour, whether pleasure, information new understandings or skills of some value. This is particularly important where children learn English as a subject but do not need it for their daily communication. Good children’s literature deals with themes and topics of immediate interest and concern to children, thus offering a natural medium for primary school language…show more content…
The higher the anxiety level, the less input can filter in. Needless to say, there are many factors beyond the teacher’s control that can influence learner anxiety, but the learning environment and lesson content undoubtedly contribute to engaging the young learner. Amusing illustrated story books, or stories with universal themes of interest to children are likely to create an anxiety-free environment, lower the effective filter and get children involved in the lesson. Neuroscience research resonates with the effective filter hypothesis, showing that learning is as much an effective process as a cognitive one, with some putting affect ahead of cognition when it comes in

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