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Discussion Nature of Work A financial analyst (FA) has a responsibility to be a person of integrity in all that he or she does on a day-to-day basis. The job requires a high level of personal commitment to working hard and being honest. A financial analyst is busy helping others with their financial assets, helping secure a person’s future. Working with others to help them succeed financially requires a high level of trust and FA’s don’t take that lightly. The dishonest FA’s in the world muddy the water for the honest FA’s and make it difficult to garner the trust of potential clients. That is why the FA’s that were interviewed as primary resources in this report all emphasized the importance of developing daily habits of integrity so that when no one is looking, they are the same person as when they interact with their clients. According to Investopedia, a reputable website that focuses on explaining difficult financial terminology, a financial analyst will do different things based on the level of seniority they possess (2013). An article entitled “A Day in the Life of a Financial Analyst,” on the Investopedia website stated that if a person is zero to three years old in the financial industry, they will spend most of their time collecting data and creating financial models. Mr. Tenison mentioned that an entry-level position would spend most of the time on the phone with prospective customers, and that those potential customers are usually their family members, friends, and the referrals of family members and friends. He said that times are lean during this period, but that the hard work will pay off in the end (R. Tenison, personal conversation, March 24, 2013). Senior level analysts spend more of their time developing ... ... middle of paper ... ...a financial analyst is much more than pushing papers and crunching numbers. FA’s spend the majority of their time building relationships, creating an environment of trust with their clients and colleagues, and practicing integrity behind the scenes. There is much to be learned from the 2008 recession, and having FA’s of high integrity is of utmost importance. An aging population is creating a demand for the profession so that retirees are taken care of and their assets preserved for future generations. Being well versed in niche markets such as nursing home planning as well as being certified nationally will allow FA’s to stand out in the crowd of the growing number of FA’s in the United States. With the right personality, trustworthiness, and people skills, a FA will be successful no matter how the economy is fluctuating. The future is bright for this career.

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