Importance Of Dual Enrollment For College

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The pain and agony of knowing that I might not be prepared for college classes is a weight I have bore on my shoulders. One of my goals has always been to lift the stress of college classes off my back and have the assurance that I am ready for the challenges that are ahead of me. Since day one of high school, being engaged while learning has been my biggest desire so that I am well prepared for the next step in life: college. Dual Enrollment English was exactly what I needed to be well prepared for college. All of my high school career, I had never known what it actually meant to do well and be ¨successful.¨ An abstract idea occurred to me, in room 201, as I was sitting in the front row of my Dual Enrollment English 111 class; this idea…show more content…
Throughout much of high school, I have never really had to try. This became a big issue for me as I entered my senior year considering my college path beyond high school. DE English was the medication I needed for my lack of undertaking. The higher level work that the class demanded was exactly what I was searching for. The work load throughout the course was a great model to help me prepare for college. In addition, time management from the work in class, to the late golf matches helped me manage my time wisely. I needed the drive, the perseverance, and the will to be a successful writer, as well as successful student. The most life changing thing that I have experienced through taking this class is the improvement it has given me in further developing my work ethic. Prior to enrolling in this class, I always had the mindset that I would be able to get an A if I turned in minimal work. When I started taking this class, the alarm in my mind went off and I woke up, realizing I had technically begun college and that I needed to start working like it. Dual Enrollment English 111 improved my work ethic, a necessity for being a successful individual throughout
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