Importance Of Discontent In My Life

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Approaching the age of 50 in a couple of months; and realizing where I am in my life has given me a sense of discontent. I have worked for over 30 years and I have learned most of my skills and developed my experience in the duration although, I have nothing to show for these accomplishments. I have been placed in management positions without the management pay and have succeeded as such. I have been placed in supervisory positions as well and have not received the adequate compensation for this position either. I have learned throughout the years that my self taught accomplishments would have paid off if I had a degree. By "Paid off," I mean I would have been earning the salary for those positions if I did have a degree. Being a single parent…show more content…
I did not receive financial assistance from their father therefore, I was the sole provider for my family. My son 's were my priority and to get them through school with what little means I was able to afford them became the focal point of my life. My education was placed on back burner. I state at the beginning of this essay that at this point in my life I am discontent with where I am. I 'm missing a part of me that I have been wanting to get back now that my son 's are grown and living their own lives. For many years I set aside my education, my goals and my dreams to raise the two fine young men I am proud of. Now that I find myself getting to know "Me," once again, I have the desire to pursue the education left on that back burner. However, the reasoning behind the desire has slightly changed. My desire is no longer to get a degree to increase my salary (although it will be welcomed), nor is it my desire any longer to be acknowledged by a title. My desire now is to achieve satisfaction that I accomplished something in my life and have the degree to show for it. God 's will I can find myself again and pursue this degree I have longed
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