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Dancing Into The Spotlight Have you ever felt so lonely you just needed to find a way to comfort yourself, by doing something you love? For me, that comfort is dancing. According to research, dance is good for your emotional, physical, and psychological health. “Dancing can improve your mental health by boosting your overall happiness.” ~Huffington Post Dancing has always been a way for me to escape the world and everything going on in my life. I have found a love in dancing because of this. I’m very passionate about it. Not only that, but it runs through my genes. Therefore, when I took dance class, it changed me in many ways. Dancing was always there for me since the beginning. My mom was on her way to be a singer. She gave up the record…show more content…
We had spent weeks on learning many routines. I was in the team group dance, I had a solo, and I was in another group dance, but with the older kids. I pushed myself so hard. I was determined to not mess up, and do really well. If the routine got messed up, I felt as if it’d be my fault. Especially since I wasn’t as old as the other girls and guys. Soon enough, I had much bigger things to worry about. I was about to go on stage. I had a massive amount of butterflies in my tummy. “Breathe. You can do this Winter-Lee. Just feel the rhythm, and let go.” I got onto the stage and I lost myself into the dance, and became less worried about what people in the audience would think. After my solo dance, I got a standing ovation. I have never felt so out there, from who I thought I was. I cried tears of joy because I conquered my stage freight with an act of bravery and confidence. I was so ecstatic, I couldn’t wait until the group number. When it came to the group number, we did really well. We are were in sync not only with our bodies and minds, but with our soul as well. I am very thankful for my experiences in dance. I am not as shy as I once was. I think dancing changed me, and made a big impact on my life. Dancing most definitely changed my outlook on things in life, and my shyness greatly. I feel as if dancing has made me a better person. It helped me not feel as lonely, and made me less shy. I learned to forget about the world for a little bit, no matter how rough my life was at the moment, and do what I love. Dancing isn’t just my hobby, it is my

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