Importance Of Creativity's Place In Education

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Creativity’s Place in Education Creativity is the use of new, original forms of thinking to solve problems and make improvements. In my opinion, this is one of the most important and beneficial skills a person can have. The difference between a skill and a talent is a skill can be learned, therefore the skill can be taught. School’s devotion to teaching students’ the necessary skills to succeed in life is obvious and appreciated, but they can go one step further by implementing a class to explicitly open students’ minds to be more innovative. The benefits of the inclusion of a creative thinking course by the school board can be seen in P.O. Bronson and Ashley Merryman’s The Creativity Crisis, Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping point, and my own…show more content…
No one will argue that original and useful ideas are necessary to advance our world and future. Given this undisputed fact, we can assume that the next generation will need to be more innovative than their predecessors, for the sake of advancement. We are already seeing signs in our current society that showing the importance of these skills, such as in an IBM poll that selected creativity as the most important future aspect to “leadership competency”. Although this is slightly more disputed, one cannot argue that creativity cannot be talk. Originality is unteachable, but developing the skills to create something original is. James C. Kaufman is a professor at California State University in San Bernardino, who stated shortly and simply that “Creativity can be taught,” and he is not alone. Three other major colleges have come to the same conclusion (Bronson & Merryman). Lastly, given that creativity can be taught, many would wonder why now. It’s not as if creativity wasn’t an important part of society in the past, in fact it is what created the world we live in today. However, a recent study using the Torrance Test has shown that people’s “creativity quotient” (much like “intelligence quotient” or IQ) has decreased since the 1990’s (Bronson & Merryman). In order to bring those levels back to an ordinary level, and then on to extraordinary, the school board…show more content…
The entire book is about how little things can make a big difference. However, contagious, creative ideas don't just come from nothing, they come from creative people, and creative people come from creative learning environments. A certain type of person outlined in the book is the Innovator, characterized by his/her creativity, and big picture thinking. We see this personality type when learning about the Airwalk ad campaign, and how the creative thinking of a few individuals was able to spark change (even if it was just in the popularity of a shoe), as is made evident by DeeDee Gordon when she said, “You see more activists in trendsetters [Innovators]. People with more passion.” (Gladwell 208), and that is just what schools are trying to do; educate kids to make a change in the world and be active to make a better future. The creative learning environment set forth for kids to grow in is also a very necessary part of making and spreading an original idea. In The Tipping Point states that when analyzing the activities of Innovators, “Different ideas would pop up in different parts of the country…” (Gladwell 209). This tells us how different environments can affect what Innovators view as new, original, or creative new trends, much like how a different or improved learning environment, like the
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