Implementing An Inclusive Society As A Right Based Approach Towards The Attainment Of Proper Health For The Vulnerable

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Title: Fashioning an Inclusive Society as a right based approach to the attainment of proper health for the vulnerable: The PHM Uganda circle strategy to encourage Social Integration Social Integration has been one of the major challenges of sustainable development in Africa in as far as the health of vulnerable populations is concerned. This abstract discusses the importance of an inclusive society and the strategies employed by some civil society organizations like the people’s health movement Uganda circle to foster community participation to attain health promotion as a mode of inclusion in society. Social inclusion is understood as a process by which efforts are made to ensure equal opportunities for all, regardless of their background, so that they can achieve their full potential in life. This therefore means the multi-dimensional in nature with the aim of conditioning full and active participation of every member of the society in all aspects of life. In the nutshell, social inclusion is the mean of societies combating poverty and social exclusion. The people’s health movement under the credence that social inclusion as an overarching goal as well as a multi-dimensional process can play a critical role in promoting sustainable health rights development and its attainment. In a bid to attain the right to health through social inclusion PHM Uganda has emphasized the need for inspirational yet realistic policy measures intended towards a society that caters for the health needs of even the most vulnerable in the communities. This created the realization by PHM Uganda that inclusion in society is based on the fundamental human rights value, that is, “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Thi... ... middle of paper ... ...s, resource centers with internet facilities, well maintained public schools, clinics, water supplies and sanitations) which at the moment in Uganda are not readily available or are in a sorry state and any criticism of this is dubbed as political slander which attracts grave consequences. However the benefit of having all the mentioned foregoing in place is that it conditions people to have a sense of belonging by not suffering the painful consequence of being unable to afford them. For as long as both the advantaged and disadvantaged have equal access to or benefit from these public facilities and services, they will all feel less burdened by their differences in socio-economic status, thus alleviating a possible sense of exclusion or frustration and thus promote participation in the rights based approach to attainment of the highest possible standards of health.

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