Communication In Nursing Practice

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For nurses and health care professionals, communication is the core element in nursing care of individual patient. In the article “Communication in Nursing Practice” written by Lambrini Kourkoiuta and Loanna V. Papathansiou. Published in The Academy of Medical Sciences of Bosnia and Herzegonvina in February of 2014. This article highlights the need for effective communication with individual patient. The article focused on the core principles of communication and provides information of good practice. Therefore the author address the fact that “Communication is a vital element in Nursing in all areas of activity and in all its interventions such as prevention, treatment, therapy, rehabilitation, education and health promotion”(Lambrini & Ioanna,…show more content…
To create a therapeutic relationship, conversation must be held in a private area to ensure patient confidentiality. Providing a peaceful environment and mindful of the location allow the patient to express themselves freely without feeling ashamed. Communication required ample time; every patient set their own pace to express their problems. Nurse that shows undivided attention, promote the patient to reveal their problem sooner and better prepare them to advocate on their behalf. The language of communication should be at the level of the patient, although they are not able to assess scientific knowledge, communication should be shared in a way they can understand. Being frankness and honesty is another important successful communication between nurses and patient. Communication should leave the patient without any suspicions, doubts, and misunderstanding. Communication is unidirectional, but it is the nurse and healthcare professional duty for proper conduct. Every patient has different defense mechanisms that help him or her cope with the situation. Nurses and health care professional should respect these mechanisms as how the patient responds to information, awareness, treatment, and symptom of illness. Every patient has different needs when communicating, some require listening, and others want specific explanations. Nurses should treat these…show more content…
It is really important for nurses and health care professionals to demonstrate therapeutic communication with the patient. Nurse must also have access to continuing education and study interpersonal relationship to develop the knowledge of therapeutic communication. As stated in the article, “The best expertise training and continuing education of nurses in matters relating to the proper technique of communication will enable them to respond adequately and humanly to the expectations of patients” (Lambrini & Ioanna, 2014). The article is really useful and informative. Its serve as a reminder that communication is the central to compassionate and high quality of nursing care. I do not feel like there were problems with this article. I, for one, understand exactly what is being said about effective communication and the positive outcome when applied to nursing practice. Providing good communication with patients improves quality of care and patient satisfaction. All healthcare professionals should applied therapeutic communication and understanding of effective communication in health care setting to create a positive relationship with the patient and families. As stated by the article “Good communication is not only based on the physical abilities of nurses, but also on education and experience” (Lambrini & Ioanna, 2014). Learning how to provide effective communication is a beneficial application to nursing practice since nurse
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