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In the late nineteenth century, early twentieth century, western nations wanted to expand their territory. After the industrial revolution provided western Nations wealth and technology that could be used to take over less advanced societies. European powers proceeded on building empires in Africa. They found Africa to be home of many valuable natural resources they needed to fuel they industries, and supply cheap raw materials for factories. They wanted new markets where they could trade good produce by factories, and a place to invest profits. European Nations also wanted to spread Christianity, and though themselves to be superior. Meanwhile, powerful industrialized European countries wanted to gain powers by building overseas Empires. Through economic and military powers, European was able to colonize, and dominate Africa. European Imperialism had a negative impact on African’s culture; environment and was racist to African while trying to make them adapt to western manners. European Imperialism had a huge environmental impact on Africans. European settled in Africa and completely ruined the environment by deforestation, and the use of raw materials, which is bad for the environment. In the article title “Kabongo: The story of a Kikuyu Chief” writing by author St. Barber Baker explain the negative impact European had on Africa. European took control of African land by subjugation; meanwhile gain total leadership of African land. The Africans were forced to fight on wars. The European had a huge environment impact on African territory. The European cutting down trees affected the environment, which can eventually lead to global warming. Even Though this article is historical fiction and is written by a British author, however African People have collaborated on the source and found these facts to be relevant. The author spent a lot of time living in

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