Impact of Divorce on Children

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Today, all across the United States, there are more and more families splitting up because of divorce. Divorce is not a big deal anymore like it used to be thirty years ago, now couples are starting to get divorces in as little as three weeks after marriage. Divorce is a very heartbreaking process that hurts the couple, and the ones surrounding them. Divorce also comes with many downfalls but there are three main things to consider before divorce. “Psychological...Financial... Impact on children”(“3 Things to Consider...”).
The psychological impact that divorce has is devastating. A lot of times when a couple gets a divorce, they find themselves later on down the road depressed at some point in time. “When a couple gets a divorce they have to learn how to change their lifestyle, learn to not spend as much time with their children, and selling a house and/or other items that have so many memories and so much meaning to them”(“3 Things to Consider...”). Just imagine having to sell a home that one had put so much thought and work into, made so many memories with ones children, held so many family gatherings and holidays, all because of a divorce. That takes a psychological toll on a person. The thing that would more than likely impact a person is the fact that they can not spend as much time with their children as they did before. This leads to kids resenting their parents because they are not their for the children like the children wishes they would be.
The financial aspect of a divorce is also major. “Take a look at what all comes along with divorce: you have the cost of the lawyer, the cost of the divorce itself, if a couple has children then the parent without custody has to pay child support, the couple has to divide their a...

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...he/she is growing up and his/her parents argue about how raise one during the adolescent stage of his/her life. With that being said, many kids may have suicidal thoughts when his/her parents get a divorce, because of all the emotional distress and confusion that a divorce causes.
Divorce is a very sad process that hurts everyone. So before going into marriage a couple needs to make sure they do a few things. They need to make sure they truly love the person that they are about to marry, they need to think about if they can see themselves with that person for the rest of their life, if they think that person is responsible enough to support a family, and if they are marrying that person because everyone else wants it to happen. A couple needs to really make sure that they are ready to take that next big step, or they could unfortunately end up getting a divorce.
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