Impact Of Environmental Issues In The Automobile Industry

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Environmental Challenges Impacting the American Auto Industry In reviewing the American auto industry 's environment, it becomes apparent that it is touched or influenced by many different imposing factors. But we also begin to realize the significance of this industry on the U.S. Economy and culture, which since the beginning have played critical roles in the industries growth through out the last century. Though the functional idea of motorized vehicles actually began in the late 1700s in France, the concept of utilizing one for personal transportation began as a mere isolated luxury for the wealthy. However, in 1908 Henry Ford set out to alter this concept by introducing what has been considered the first affordable automobile. The Model T, embraced the American spirit and was truly the first automobile trend, in that it made it possible for many to own a personal motorized vehicle, rather than just a few.[1] That trend has continued since, where automobile usage has increased expeditiously, where by 1999 the U.S had…show more content…
According to the Environmental Protection website a survey conducted by Dupont and the Society of the Automotive Industry showed that environmental issues topped the list of challenges facing the automotive industry today. [6] The survey of automotive designers and engineers, reported that 53 percent stated a collective of environmental issues weighted heavy as their primary concerns. Such as, improved fuel economy and government clean air regulations. In fact for the first time in 14 years, the focus was taken off of cost reduction as the primary concern. Furthermore, the highest ranked concerns or points of focus were on reducing environmental impacts, improved fuel efficiency, alternative power sources and the introduction of bio-diesel solutions. In fact, of those surveyed, 27 percent forecast that vehicles will be ran on bio-diesel in the next 10

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