Immortal Beloved

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After seeing the acclaimed film, Amadeus, based loosely on the life of the child prodigy and great composer Mozart, the next best or potentially better choice had to be Immortal Beloved, a film focused on the equally amazing Ludwig van Beethoven and his infamous letters to an unknown lover. The sequences of events in the movie were largely intertwined. The movie begins with the death of Beethoven and proceeds with a friend and employee of Beethoven obsessed with justifying the rightful will of Beethoven’s assets and estate to an unknown lover. Avoiding Beethoven’s greedy brother, he travels around to meet with Beethoven’s previous lovers, listening to the tale of each, becoming closer to the truth as the movie moves forward. The stories told narrate many different significant events in the great composers’ life, including many mishaps, struggles, and disappointments that seem to fuel his music and its robust passion. By the end of the movie, an unlikely lover is found, the immortal beloved, a girl that Beethoven had once loved and conceived a child with. The audience is led to beli...

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