Beethoven Impact On Music

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The German composer Ludwig van Beethoven, born in 1770, transformed music and revolutionized the history of music as a whole during his lifetime. As William Kinderman writes in his book, Beethoven, “His restless, open vision of the work of art reflects a modern and essentially cosmopolitan aesthetic attitude” (Kinderman). Born in Bonn, Germany, Beethoven was a visionary. He further expanded what his early contemporaries, Mozart and Haydn, had produced by escalating the scope of sonata, concerto, quartet, and the symphony. Beethoven was a radical composer who did not like to do what everyone else was doing; he pushed his limits to create the extraordinary. People argue that Beethoven was the composer that transitioned music from the Classical…show more content…
His father was a tenor court singer, while his grandfather was a prosperous musician in his community. Beethoven’s father was an alcoholic, and there are accounts of people saying that his father taught Beethoven music with extreme brutality. His father would beat him for every mistake he would make. This trauma affected his life in many ways. In Maynard Solomon’s book, Beethoven, he claims that Beethoven, gave up on establishing loving relationship with anyone; he withdrew himself from his society of friends and parents, as well. His happiest moments were those when he was free and away from the company of his friends and parents (Solomon). Beethoven’s father put together Beethoven’s first public recital in 1778. Even though he played brilliantly, Beethoven received no press or praises for his first recital. Additionally, Beethoven struggled with math and spelling for his entire life and said that music comes easier of him than words. Near the age of ten, he discontinued his secular education and went to study music full time. Beethoven was forced to financially support his family after his father’s alcoholism grew worse. He was sent to Vienna to study with Mozart to further his musical education. He later also trained with Haydn. This is where Beethoven’s musical journey
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