Immigration And Immigration Into Canada

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As a lone Canadian born in a family of immigrants, integration and immigration were never a concern of mine. Integration and immigration into Canada was relatively easier than in countries like Spain, but they still faced detrimental consequences. The number of immigrants migration into Spain had significantly increased in the 1990s and has been increasing over the past few years; the drastic increase mainly due to the difference of immigrant’s origin. Prior to the 1990s, most immigrant were from Western Europe, yet currently, many are from areas such as Morocco, Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa and those of the European Union (EU); all of which are considered less wealthy (Tranmer, 2014:118). Spain is an EU member and politically less stable than other members; therefore, Spain struggles in creating effective immigration and integration policies (pg.127). With the great influx of immigrants into an unstable country, immigration causes an impact on Spain such as vast immigrants being exploited, attacked, and separated from society, an increase in the need for aids and resources, and the altering of a nation’s identity. To improve immigration policies, socio-cultural anthropologists are capable of formulating new policies in Spain. Key ways would include, taking a holistic approach to analyzing the country, how people who have already adopted the area feel about the immigrant, and attack the root of the issue to develop these policies. Immigration to Spain brings changes that are disadvantageous to newcomers, host nationals, and the government. Primarily, immigration policies focused on controlling the movement of foreign immigrants, which decreased over the years. In regards to registered immigrants, there was a great population ... ... middle of paper ... ... advanced immigration policies, and the next steps require critical analysis of regional areas in Spain that were not of focus in this paper. A counter-argument to be made of this review would be that the whole of Spain was generalized based on a few areas, and the neglect to look at society and economic issues together. It is possible to only look at the cultures acquired in a country, yet not to forget that the economy plays a role in determining where an immigrant works and stays. Immigration and integration is a global issue, and some countries struggle more than others. In comparison to Canada, Canada too faces the plagues of anti-immigrant racism, immigrants being exploited in the labour force, and the economic impact of newcomers. Countries need to work on successful integration which will build strong economies and communities linked socially and culturally.

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