Images Of Afric Creation, Negotiation And Supervision

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Images of Africa: Creation, Negotiation and Supervision was edited by Julia Gallagher with a forward by V. Y Mudimbe. The book gives us different ways into which we can approach ‘image’ from the perspective of media studies, politics, international relations and literature. Africa has always been viewed in negative manner, the book challenges the common images and misconceptions created by westerners, highlighting both African agency and the relational nature of image creation of the continent. The illustrious philosopher V. Y. Mudimbe has a forward in this book, we see how his work is reflected on the ideas of Africa. The book depicts a fresh take on the topic, this is due to the fact that ten researchers came together and did an empirical analysis on the topic at hand. People particularly in the west have generalised that Africa has corrupt leadership, malnourismnet, diseased children, conflict this is due to what they the see online via social network and various internet sources.The book depicts how african agencies are quite impotent to how people perceive Africa, instead its is often development agencies and outsiders such as well meaning popstars that form its image. We see through out the book that Africans are so powerless in the creation of their self image. It explores the ways in which image creation is a process of negotiation entered into by a wide range of actors within and beyond the continent - in presidents ' offices and party HQs, in newsrooms and rural authorities, in rebel militia bases and in artists ' and writers ' studies. The book starts of with the fact that politics have a lot to do with image, in other terms ‘imagology’ its refers to a teqnique and aims on representation. So what is image? It brin... ... middle of paper ... ... What I 've understood form the book is that the ‘stories’(real life events) that are being told are not of an Ethiopian or African, it is that of the notions of a preconceived westerner who is looking for an accurate story, images,footage that need to be captured. If they are looking for a story that depicts kids with their swollen stomachs because they haven 't eaten in days then that’s what they will go for. That’s what Africa is sold as. As i have said perviously i was born and raised their my whole life and thats not the whole picture. To sum it all up the book helps People understand that the images and views they have of Africa have in some forms been manipulated and that there are always to sides to a story, in the case of the book there can be two images that can be shown one that is influenced by the home country and one from the journalists perspective.

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