Ideology Of Racism

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Racism is an act that exists when a particular ethnic group will focus on the differences of another and look for ways in which to dominate them. It is the belief that one ethnic group is more advantaged and better than the others. Racism has been part of the country ever since the colonization by the Europeans in North America in the 17th century this was the colonial era. The ideology of racism then continued on to the slave era where African Americans were the culprits. The ideology of racism has ever since remained with the country. Due to this some of the groups that have been in the country have suffered. During this time, the white Americans had some of the privileges that were not given to the minority groups such as the Native Americans…show more content…
The racism to the African Americans was the strongest and is the reason as to most of the civil wars that have happened in the country. During the great migration of the African Americans to the industrialized areas in the country, there were harsh conflicts between the whites and the African Americans. This was in the year 1920 when the influx of the African American people in the white areas of the country led to conflicts and civil war. The African Americans were being discriminated against in a number of lifestyle facets such as education, employment and any economic opportunities that may have benefited the. This led to civil war in the 1920s (Juran…show more content…
It can be said that in America, racism started during the colonial and the slave era where conflicts were mostly based on race. There are other countries in the world that have also practiced racism in their structure for instance South Africa where apartheid was the system running the country and also in Germany when Hitler was killing the Jews. The 21st century shows hope in countries where racism has been the center issue for a long time which is America (George 2). In this day and age the racism has gone down a notch and this can be said so by the country having an African American president. Racism is still an issue however and awareness is the only way in which to alert the citizens and anyone in the country to know about how to treat their fellow
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