Identity And Subjectivity: The Ideas Of Identity And Subjectivity

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Identity and subjectivity According to Butler, the body is of valid existence (or not) when it is compared or measured to that of which is considered the normative ways (which is the given ideologies by that of the elite in power) of living within a society. Bodies portray different meanings and ideas (by placing themselves into categories such as religion, education and cultures) of the individual based on the environments influences in an attempt to try and make the body more visible (in a sense of being validated and seen by society as someone of importance in some way if allowing the influence of the environment to come into play). This then leads to the body becoming the subject (during the process of becoming something that is visible)…show more content…
Thus it enables a state of being that is in the moment (it is present). The aesthetical (in terms of material aspects) of the body are also something that is a definite variable. When the body undergoes ‘embodiment’ it is the process of the locus, culture, traditions, biological traits of the body (sex, race) that plays a role in the construction of this experience (which happens on a daily basis) and at the same time simultaneously confines it (2009:3). ‘Embodiment’ is forever shifting and growing; as one’s experiences are continuously happening and thus making it a highly subjective experience as well (2009: 4). This process then allows the body to become something that is more than just a biological construct; it allows the body to become something that is able to express itself unto other beings in both words (the patterns developed when one is speaking and the language styles that one has been influenced to use) and non-verbal communication (the shape and form the body takes when moving in space or even sitting or standing still in a space drawn from experienced emotions and the person’s historical, social and political background). Therefore it is suggested that ‘embodiment’ is something that is a network of interlinked signs showing past experiences and continuously reshaping and forming to show new signs based on new experience (Thapan 2009:

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