Teacher Is A Teacher Essay

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In that school and down the hall you will come to a classroom. In that classroom you will find 2 important things. One will be the students and two, will be a teacher. But, what some don’t realize is, to have those students, you must have a teacher. A teacher is many things but being a teacher is certainly not the easiest job in the world. A teacher encounters many duties and responsibilities when taking on this large role. And I believe that teachers should receive credit when credit is due. This is basically all the time, because a teacher is more than just a teacher. A teacher today must perform many roles in the classroom if he or she wants to teach effectively.
First, I would say that a teacher is a teacher. A teacher must teach all the
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A teacher is a learner no matter what age or how long they’ve been in the field. Teachers learn something new every day whether it’s a new lesson plan or even if a child has taught them something. Since children are younger and have a younger heart, it’s easy to see why everyone can learn from a child. Sometimes teachers grow older and get burnt out, but a child can bring back so much faith and so much joy to a teacher. A teacher is also a resource, because teachers have information for every student. Teachers often have books, articles, lists of websites, movies, and much more for a student to obtain. By having all these resources it helps the teacher, the students, and even another teacher in that school. By having resources, teachers can often share or collaborate with unit and lesson plans to make teaching more effective. It’s a great way for the student to become involved and want to learn if they have many resources to pull from as well; especially, if that student learns by having many examples. This also correlates with a teacher being a motivator. A teacher is a motivator because we are the person that the child sees every day, we are guiding them to their path to success. We have to be excited about learning or the child never will. By being motivational students will also become motivated. As a teacher, it is my responsibility to include motivational activities that will set up for a good
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