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Ann Taylor Mohrmann December 5, 2014 Dr. Uryadova The Adventures of Ibn Battuta, by Ross. E Dunn: The Mechanics of Travel Ibn Battuta, a world traveler, a writer, a lawyer. All of these occupations shaped the life and journey that we would share about in the rihla. The stories of his travels and why he started his journey in the first place are in this book, rihla. These journeys were not cheep and came with a very high price. Thankfully there were people along the way to give a helping hand to Ibn Battuta when he was in need. While some of these methods of traveling were dangerous it never seemed to stop him or slow him down. The Rihla The Rihla, book of travels, was a “record of Ibn Battuta’s experiences, as well as his observations …show more content…

They could keep each other safe, as well as, provide for each other. “To sail east or west from one sea to the other was a more dangerous and exacting feat that the crossing.” (Dunn, 12) Because of the winds and other obstacles, such as, sandbars and reefs. Even though this method was more dangerous, the merchant ships were using this method more frequently. Dunn explains, “Whether by land or sea, getting to Mecca was a risky affair.” (Dunn, 29) If a traveler decided that sea was going to be his method of traveling, he would have to “brave storms, pirates, and hostile navies.” (Dunn, 29) For the safety of the pilgrims they traveled with the company of others. Dunn explains why Ibn Battuta refused to set sail with company on the Red Sea because, “The Red Sea was the most relentlessly dangerous of the waters on which the Mediterranean-to-China connection depended.” (Dunn, 110) While it has been discussed that traveling by sea is the most dangerous, there was a method for survival during storms, “haul down the yard, jettison the cargo, and make vows to God.” (Dunn, 121) The practiced this mostly during the monsoon season, “when only a very brave captain or a fool would dare to approach the western cost of India.” (Dunn, 121) While Ibn Battuta knew that it was safer to travel with people, so me people didn’t always follow that advice. Ibn Ziri went ahead of the group and got lost in the desert. Even though there is a jubilant spirit that goes along with making the pilgrimage to Mecca it is a long, dangerous, and exhausting

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  • Explains that ibn battuta's occupations shaped his life and journey in the rihla. his journeys were not cheep and came with a very high price.
  • Explains that the rihla, book of travels, was a record of ibn battuta's experiences, as well as his observations about the islamic world of his day.
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