I Learned About Personal Care Skills

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1. In this class, I learned many personal care skills such as peri-care, assisting an individual to eat, dressing, and transferring them using lifts and slings. I faced a few problems while providing peri-care to an individual. In providing peri-care, a person has to clean up the genital area and also to change a diaper of a client. I found it very awkward at first because it was my first experience in my life to provide someone with a peri-care. I faced difficulties while changing the diaper of the client; I was confused which side of the diaper should be up and which should be downward. I also have to take care of not to use the same wipe again and again, also to change the gloves while providing peri-care in order prevent the risk of infection. It was very confusing for me, especially during the first time. 2. In most of the steps, while providing the personal care I faced some problems, but there were some steps in the skills that I performed well. I was able to move the individual to the left and right side safely, in order to change the diaper and provide him a peri-care. I was also taking care of to provide a privacy and keep confidentiality at all time during I was providing the peri-care. There were some steps where I need to work on for next time. For example, while providing peri-care, I need more practice while changing the diaper of the client because I was facing problems during doing this step during providing the peri-care. I think I also need to work on my proper body mechanics for my own good because when I was providing the personal care to the client. 3. A person providing assistance and support to the people with disabilities should possess many positive feelings and qualities, in order to provide the best se... ... middle of paper ... ...ety are also very important. 7. After taking this class, my understanding of providing basic care to individuals has changed significantly. First, I never thought that I have to assist the people having various swear disabilities such as cerebral palsy, brain tumor, dementia, non-verbal, blindness etc. I will be working with people who are mentally challenged and physically impaired. Secondly, I also came to know that I may have to work with both males and females in this field that was really surprising. Lastly, there is not a specific age of people with whom I will have to work and assist. They may be children, teenagers, adults, and old people with whom I will be working in this field. This class was a real eye-opener for me. I gained a lot of knowledge, skills and abilities that will help me how to assist and support the people with disabilities in this field.
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