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Huswifery In the poem “Huswifery”, Edward Taylor compares himself to a spinning wheel for sewing and weaving in his analogy. He set out to be closer to God as he is doing everything that is gratifying for his Puritan religion. Through my research, Taylor signifies how the Puritan women have a daily task of using a wheel to spin and weave. He uses symbolism to break apart his spiritual life so God can change it. He uses his poem as a prayer to God asking to turn his life around. Edward Taylor uses a plethora of metaphors to guide the reader to understand his life of being a sinner to a person made brand new. His foremost metaphor is that he wishes to be the spinning kit that God weaves His Word on. Taylor uses a writing style that has straightforward …show more content…

Moreover, he let the Lord have control, "Then weave the web thyself. The yarn is fine (8)." With the yarn and heart analogy, this is an indication that he gives the Lord the go ahead to put his heart into one. Also, I believe the line shows eagerness to show the Lord that his heart is pure. My understanding is that Taylor does not have the will to shape his heart himself as this is why he is handing his heart to the Him. Once all the parts are complete, he wants the colors of heaven. This shows he is ready to give his life to the Lord. The last stanza ensures that through prayer God could lift your spirit, adjust your attitude toward life and make you have feelings when you have done something morally wrong. Taylor’s line, “My Words, and Actions, that their shine may fill” is telling God that he talk to people appropriately and his actions will be sincere. Taylor’s appearance will show that he is ready to stand before Him in reference to his apparel. Surely, being nice to people is sometimes the best approach but occasionally being nasty is a way to get your point across. On the other hand, Taylor with God blessings is ready for

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