Human Trafficking and Its Effects on Women

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Imagine a perfect world; now take this so called perfect world and think about the children in it. Think of a world where children and adults, are being trafficked and used for prostitution. How can this world be so cruel and ignorant to take children’s innocence? This world is not so perfect after all, is it? Human trafficking occurs daily, even in America. Human trafficking, when prostitution is involved, is when females are sold for profit to be used for sexual intercourse. Exploiting women for profit against their will creates human rights violations, physical and mental well-being, and being detained unwillingly.
Because of the Bill of Rights in America, losing rights becomes a serious issue. When human trafficking is involved, the person has no way to say no due to being forced against their will. The kidnapped sex slaves are brutally beat, raped, and starved in order to keep from putting up a fight (Random History). Finding ways to cease human trafficking, especially when it involves prostitution, will save the rights of women because they will be able to consent to fornication. According to Ruth Rosenberg:
Human trafficking involves by definition human beings. These are individuals that have been subject to exploitation and serious human rights violations. Whereas governments tend to be concerned about human trafficking primarily because of links between human trafficking and other forms of organized crime as well as fears of illegal immigration, trafficking is first of all a threat to the individuals – men, women and children – that are trafficked. (Rosenberg)
If the signs that human trafficking were occurring were known, then the risk of young, innocent women being kidnapped to be used as sex slaves against their wil...

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