Human Resources at Cerebos Company in Malaysia

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Introduction Being given the opportunity to be a Human Resource (HR) Trainee at [Cerebos], a Malaysian company that specialises in manufacturing health supplements has exposed me to many HR functions and one of them includes training and development of employees. According to Campbell et al. in Noe (1986), training is defined as ‘a planned learning experience designed to bring about permanent change in an individual’s knowledge, attitudes, or skills.’ In this paper, narrow focus will be put on learning intervention at an individual level, as experienced by one of the employees. The intervention program can be considered as a training and educational opportunity for the employee, who worked as a Receptionist cum HR Assistant in the company. She was sent to a Work-Based Diploma in Management Program, which was delivered by an external training institution, Malaysian Institute of Management, (MIM). In order to complete the course, she was required to attend 18 workshops during weekends for the duration of six months. The program is an integrated program focusing on learning that was gained from past work experience and the development of new learning in the form of work-based projects focusing on the learner’s current work role. It intends to improve employees’ skills as managers, supervisors or team leaders, besides enhancing knowledge that could lead to the improvement in efficiency and effectiveness when completing work tasks. Upon the completion of the program, participants will be awarded two diplomas: one from the institution itself and another from a business centric learning and development organisation in Australia. The course kicked off with an orientation program in the first workshop, followed by different topics covered... ... middle of paper ... ... position such as training on English language, office software applications, communication skill or personality development workshops. The employees who are sent for training should also be tied to work with the company for a certain duration, especially if the training programs involve a large amount of money. By doing so, they can contribute their new skills and extended knowledge to the company. Additionally, [Cerebos] should have made it compulsory for its employees to produce a physical report about what they have learned and understood from external training programs they are sent to and present them to their respective departments. By doing so, the new information and knowledge can be disseminated throughout the organisation through these employees. Thus, the company does not have to send other employees to the same training programs in a short duration.

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