Human Influnce on The United States

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Humans are a very intelligent being. It has been proven since the beginning of time. Since the early days, humans have learned how to use resources to survive and make a better living. Egyptians learned how to make better use of the Nile River’s annual flood. The Andean Farmer’s used edible plants to survive. They found ways to make the potato last longer and how to replicate it. Eventually the potato came a long way from being a primary source of food to being commonly used for payment in debts. They found ways to take advantage of the resources the Mississippi River provide them. It was used as a travel system and for irrigation. Ultimately it became a very industrialized river. When the Gold Rush came along, many Americans took advantage of this opportunity. They created new cities, improved transportation, and created capital for our country. All these actions that humans took to make their lives better had a great impact in the development and expansion of the United States. It brought numerous cultures and diversity that cannot be found anywhere else.

The most imperative geographic factor that contributed to the development of Egypt was the Nile River. “The gift of the Nile”, Egypt, was secluded from the rest of the world. Surrounded by desert and sea, the only thing that kept their lands rich was the annual flood from the Nile River. The flooding would begin in June and end in September. The outrageous amount of water flowing down kept their lands fertilized and provided them abundant amount of drinking water. Since the Egyptians knew the flood came annually, they used the timing of the floods to create the calendar. Since their lands were powerful and able to sustain large populations, it attracted many different kind...

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...t aspect. Without any of these important topics America wouldn’t be what it is today.

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