Human Genome

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GENOME PROJECT Adam and Eve were doomed for trying to be like god, this is the same damnation mankind is headed to. Everyone’s dream is to have absolute power and control of everything. The genome project and DNA engineering gives man the ability to create life and cu omize life to his specific needs of likes. So how good is too good? Man’s ability to make life or create perfect human beings so they can be in a state of Utopia will disturb the balance of nature. Every individual, every child born on earth is unique i it’s own way, not only by looks but also by their character, their DNA. Changing this by producing two of the same kind, of which one is produced in the laboratory, unbalances nature. A clone is a cell, a group of cells, or an organism produced by asexu reproduction, which contains genetic information identical to the parent cell or organism. Although some organisms produce asexually naturally, the first artificial cloning by humans were plants developed from grafts and stem cuttings. Cloning involvin very complex laboratory techniques is a relatively recent scientific advancement in today’s world. Among these is the Genome Project, which involves the research and support of Physical Mapping and DNA Sequencing. This would enable Humans to reproduce b ies that what most parents want. Completing this DNA sequencing and Physical mapping would enable us to change everything in a new born baby to the likes of the parents e.g. IQ, Color, Strength, looks, gender, etc. The Human Genome Project (HGP) is a research program for analyzing the structure of the Human DNA. This is achieved by determining the location of the one hundred thousand genes, and finding the sequence of 3 billion base pairs. In the United States of erica, this project is overseen by 2 federal Agencies, the National Institute of Health (NIH) through its National Center of Genome Research (NHGRI) and Office of Health and Environmental Research (OHER). Their major goals are to: Mapping and sequencing NA of the human Genome; mapping and sequencing the DNA of model organisms; computerized data collection; storage and handling of the information, addressing related Ethical, Legal, and Social implications. They recognized that mapping and sequencing the uman genome would impact everyone’s life. They questioned how this new genetic information should be interpreted and used, who sh... ... middle of paper ... life. Genetic testing is not 100% accurate. The probability of erroneous results from a genetic test is small but not zero, false-positive or false-negative results can occur because of technical abnormalities or human error. Some Tests su as that for Cystic Fribrosis cannot detect all of the mutations associated with the disorders. So where is the billions of dollars of funding going into? The Human Genome Project and DNA cloning is a weapon aimed for total destruction of mankind. Just ke the atom bomb, created for national security, yet once dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, by the United States of America, caused the lose of thousands of innocent lives and hundreds to follow by mutilations due to the aftermath and the radiat n. If HGP is not restricted now, it will have a more negative impact on the world then a positive one. It might be used to create a “super” race. Man cannot and should not play god by trying to create life the way they want it, leave god’s job to him. WORKS CITED “New tools for tomorrow’s health research,” September 1992. “To know ourselves.” U.S. Dept. of Health May 1995. “Genetics and Human Malleability,” French Heanderson February 1992

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