Hrm/531 Week 1 Assignment

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Part One To accomplish anything in life, there needs to be a planned path on how to get there. This especially applies to gaining muscle. The goal I set was to gain 0.20 pounds of muscle per week for a total of 0.40 pounds of muscle from March 11 through March 25, 2016. Focusing on this goal will enable me to do the following: drop body fat while reshaping my body composition; increase physical strength and endurance; and feel better mentally and emotionally. A woman looking to gain muscle naturally can gain anywhere from 0.12-0.25 pounds of muscle per week. I am hoping to gain at the least 0.15 pounds of muscle per week. In order to have a baseline, I calculated my body fat, lean muscle mass, and fat mass using a body composition measurement system (Exercise Prescription, 2016). My baseline on March 11, 2016 was the following: Body fat of 19.73; lean muscle mass of 134.86; and Fat mass of 33.15. Physically, emotionally, and mentally, I am ready for action in terms of achieving my goal. I have a healthy medical background and I am experienced in health and fitness. I have been a certified fitness professional for fifteen years and enjoy being active and challenging myself in fitness and other life arenas. Being an abled body, healthy woman, who has two children and has …show more content…

I set goals for myself all the time in many different aspects of my life. This experience was different because I don’t always take the time to write out goals. Taking this extra step allows you to plan for success despite barriers that may arise due to your environment or social systems. As a social worker I will be better equipped to empower others in goal setting and planning after going through the planning myself. Being aware of how social systems and the environment affect goal setting will allow me the ability to view client’s situations through an ecological lens, while empowering them in the goal setting and planning

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