Howard Gardner's Theory Of Learning In The Classroom

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Going into the teaching profession was very natural for me. I want to make an impact on students lives and outlooks, and for me, there is no better way to do that than to become a teacher. As a future Special Education teacher, I truly believe that every student, no matter their ability, is capable of successfully learning, you just have to find a way to teach them. I work to get to know each of my students, as an individual and make them feel comfortable in my classroom. It is so important for me to find the way my students learn best and utilize their learning style in my classroom. I also always show my students how great their potential is and constantly motivate them to always do their best. I am unique from other teachers because I am…show more content…
Working with special education students, the learning styles in my classroom are extremely diverse. It is essential to take all the different learning styles in my classroom and utilize them in my lessons, in order for my students to be successful. Throughout a school day, I think it is important to have students use all their different intelligences, to make learning meaningful to every student. Piaget’s theory of constructivism states that humans create knowledge from their interactions between their experiences and ideas, and I relate strongly to this. Along with constructivism, the theory of discovery learning, from Piaget, Bruner, and Papert, is a theory I utilize in my teaching. For students with special needs, discovery learning provides an adequate learning environment in the general education setting. I believe that when students discover and create knowledge for themselves, it makes the learning so much more meaningful. To differentiate my teaching, I find the learning style that will ensure my students are most successful and incorporate them into my lessons. I give my students access to the information in more than one way, for example, if we are doing a lesson that is very verbal and interpersonal, I will also provide the information in a video for my students who are more visual learners. I also use different ways of grouping in my teaching. Depending on the lesson, I give students opportunities to work individually, pairs, small groups, and as a full class to cater to different student’s needs. My style of teaching focuses greatly on taking my students background and personality and relating the learning to
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