How to refine Tai Lin Radio Service Ltd to the market leader position in the electrical appliances retail industry

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1.0 Executive Summary

Electrical appliances are an indispensable part of our daily. Hong Kong's electrical appliances retail trades vigorous development in recent years, because present is age of technical and information, many technical products arose at this historic moment.

They are providing a wide array of quality and fashionable digital products, including consumer electronics, computers and communication items, enabling trend-seeking customers to enjoy a vibrant digital lifestyle.

In the electrical appliance stores, the product type are more and more on selling, as the same time, the electrical appliance outlet or specialty shop are rapid increase. Which making tomorrow’s dream of smart living today’s reality for people in Hong Kong.

Recently, electrical appliances store mostly with chain management, also have the magnificent decoration and be stationed in Hong Kong or Kowloon each famous plaza or shopping mall.

These forces the electrical appliances retail trade arrive to a period which “The powerhouse retains, the weak one eliminates” .Many old shops replaced by new competitor or reformed because they are lack of reform.

This report based on the Tai Lin Radio Service Ltd present condition, though the multiple analyses and the suggestion, hope this marketing plan creates a long-term growth model for their retail success.

2.0 Introduction

2.1 Company background and highlighting

Tai Lin Radio Service Limited had it's beginnings in 1946, being one of the earliest electrics appliance store in Hong Kong. By serving the communities for sixty years, Tai Lin has established trust and esteem with customers.

Retailing and repairing radios were the core early stage business of Tai Lin, by growing of the business, product range expanded broadly to televisions and electronic appliances. In 1975, Tai Lin even introduced the first stereo Hi-Fi to Hong Kong.

In order to cope with the rapid growing populations in the 60's, Tai Lin broadly expanded their business by opening shop outlets in different areas of Hong Kong and varies shopping arcades.

Tai Lin Radio Service Limited was officially trademarked in 1976 and as their name implied "Service Orientated" as the company's focal point. For the generations to come, Tai Lin would carry on their aim serving the communities with the latest electrics and the greatest sincere.

Year 2006, Tai Lin is going to celebrate their 60th anniversary. By renovating their branches, rearranging the products mixture and opening more shop outlets in the near future, Tai Lin is going to present a completely revitalized new appearance.

Nowadays, Tai Lin Radio Service Ltd has 10 branch stores in 8 locations - Tsuan Wan, Yuen long, Sha Tin, Mong Kok, Jordan, Kwun Tong, Causeway Bay and Central.

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