How the Media Influences the Policy Agenda

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With the great advancements of technology, our access and use of media is greater then ever before. We, Canadians, along with other developed nations, are now, as a democratic society, dependent and affected by media in several ways. Without the media, many of us may have great difficulty accomplishing our daily activities and routines; we use it for our education, work and even personal relationships. But, do we ever question and think about the impacts that the media can have on individuals and our society as a whole? The values that the media portrays in its content, and how we adapt to these values? In this paper, I will focus on the role of the media in a democratic society, how the media influences the policy agenda, the criminal justice policy making process, the relationship between its role in democratic functioning and its problematic influence over policy making. To begin, I would like to start by giving a definition of media in order to avoid confusion: according to the oxford dictionary media is “the main means of mass communication (esp. television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet) regarded collectively.”

As mentioned in the class slides, we have three main sources of information to draw upon, they include the “use of popular wisdom or common sense; personal experiences; and media discourse” (Tabibi, 2013). As a result, we heavily rely on the media in order to gain information and knowledge about what is going on in the world around us, simply because it is obvious that we cant be in more then one place at the same time. The information we gain from the media though is through the perspective of those who control the media. If I were to further discuss as to who it is that controls the media, I would have to w...

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