How Writing Changed My Life

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Everyone has certain connections and feelings that revolve around reading, writing, and communication. One is either excited by reading a book for their English class or dreads it. While writing an essay moves some to be stressed out, it also moves some to have a reason to express themselves. A few people do great with speeches. Others have nervous breakdowns by just the thought of speeches. Basically, everyone feels differently towards each of these as it affects them inversely. I, myself, was affected in some way. Writing gives me anxiety, speeches make me precarious, and reading pacifies me. With that being said, it’s obvious that reading has played the biggest role in helping me become the literate person I am today..
My love for reading came about in my elementary school days. I went through a short period where I felt like I didn’t fit in with any of the other students. I was never skillful at socializing or playing games. I only had a couple of friends and still was lost. Most of the time, I felt like I was alone. I thought no one else could possibly understand or even begin to understand. Was I right? I actually was not. I just didn’t realize this until I understood my vast affection for books and how they made an impact on my life. …show more content…

However, I remember looking forward to the designated day of the week that my class would visit the library. The librarian, Mrs. Michael, was not the typical librarian. She didn’t “shush” you or wear glasses. She was younger and wore vibrant outfits. She kept the library clean yet fun looking. Actually, that’s one feature that I loved about the library. It looked like a new world in itself. The walls had different paintings on it from trees deep in the jungle to reefs up under the sea. It was like an adventure waiting for me to explore. So naturally, I’d be drawn in towards

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