How Well Do Standardized Tests Measure Your Abilities?

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How Well Do Standardized Tests Measure Your Abilities? Over the last ten years, I noticed schools have been requiring students to take a more standardized test like, the Keystones, to pass high school. With that, colleges request you to send them your SAT or ACT scores to see if you reach the requirements to get accepted. Do these tests show these schools your intelligence and the success you will have? So why do these schools spend so much money, and put so much pressure one students to do good on these test if they don 't measure one 's knowledge correctly? The easiest and most cost efficient answer would be to completely make students stop taking these standardized tests. These test cost the schools and family additional money that is unnecessary for observing one 's knowledge. For each student to take the Keystone test it cost the school twenty-five dollars. For example, I graduated Plum Borough with 350 other students. Over the course of four years attending this school, each student was required to take the Keystone test eight times. That 's a total of $70,000 for the 2015 class in just one year of testing. Each year Plum borough pays $280,000 a year for all their students to take the Keystones, a test that do not show a student 's true knowledge. On the other hand, the SAT and ACT cost fifty-five dollars a student, but each student must pay for this test out of their own pockets if they want to take it, the school district does not pay for these. Most colleges require you to send in your SAT or ACT scores depending on what you are planning to major in. By doing this, it lets the university see if you have met their credentials. While the SAT and ACT are not "technically" mandatory, you are forced to take these test if you... ... middle of paper ... ... it saves the school and parents more money and lets the students decide what they want to do. Some may say that this couldn 't possibly be a solution and that we need to keep giving students these test to see how much they have learned, but it doesn 't show whether the students got taught this information. The best solution to these problem students like me has found this flaw of a system. It gives the students and guardians to decide if making their child will help them in school or just waste their time. Another counter argument is that these test as far as the Keystones is a State requirement for Pennsylvania, and that if the school doesn 't make the students take the test they could get in some trouble. That could be true but on one hand then every state should make their students take the keystones or it is unfair to the students who have to take them.

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