Negative Effects Of Puppy Barking

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Puppy Barking Can Do More Than Just Annoy You Incessant puppy barking is far more than just a daily annoyance. If left unchecked, it can have negative effects on the relationships you share with just about everyone, including your spouse, your children, your neighbors, your friends, as well as your loud, but still adorable puppy. If you work at home, even your livelihood can be affected. In fact, it can cause such disruption in your day to day life that having to deal with it even over a short period of time could cause you to question your decision to own a dog at all. Thankfully, for you, giving up is not an option - you 've seen the sad faces peering through the shelter bars, their eyes, like little pools of misery, looking up at you as…show more content…
A little shift in body language and a phrase or two in dog speak and wa-la! You will have the relaxed and quiet dog you 've always dreamed of. Why His Barking Bothers You More Than Peeing On Your Rug You probably anticipated most of the life changes owning a dog would bring, like the vet expenses, the messes of potty training, the destroyed property from chewing, etc. By doing so, at the same time, you were also mentally preconditioning yourself for those nuisances and have therefore managed to handle your puppy 's "puppy ways" with relative ease by reassuring yourself that your dog is still just a puppy, and he will soon grow out of behaviors that drive you a little bit crazy…show more content…
Chances are, if you are a first time dog owner, you might not have known the first thing about how disturbing barking can be when it 's up close and personal, and if you 've owned a dog before, but it 's been awhile since you 've had a puppy around, you may have forgotten altogether just how upsetting a dog that won 't stop barking can be. So a dog barking slips through initial considerations, leaving you in a bit of a shock when you find yourself suddenly dealing daily with an obnoxious, out of control, barking puppy. Your Puppy Barks Because He Wants to Be A Good Dog More than anything else, your new friend wants to be seen as a GOOD DOG in your eyes. From a lifetime of owning and observing dogs and puppies of all breeds and situations, I 've come to disagree with most dog experts that generally conclude that food is the key to training your dog. After decades of rescuing, fostering, and adopting feral and or abused and neglected dogs I have found eating to be a secondary priority, trumped by their desire to be your ultimate pal. It makes sense, as pack leader, if you are happy he doesn 't have to worry where his next meal will come from so he doesn 't spend a lot of time thinking about it. He knows that it 's you that feeds him, but he doesn 't know what you think a Good Dog is anymore than your one year old daughter would know how to ride a bike without your help. But he will
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