How To Save Money Essay

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Recycling is to take from old materials and making other new products from them and waste disposal is the process of unnecessary materials or substance. They are two method of reducing the number of rubbish in the world. It is known that rubbish is the biggest problem for the earth that all people concern about. Every person needs to participate in solving this problem including me, because the cause of this problem is not only responsibility of one person. We should know that important of learning recycling and waste disposal when living on my own from our generation for the future. It is important to learn about help environment by recycling; Moreover, it is to save money by making from old materials to new materials and save energy.…show more content…
As a student, I need to learn how to save money, especially when living on my own. We have to live on decided income or pocket money in our daily and to save for the future without the waste, so we should save money. There are lots of things that are disposable in our life such as plastic bag and paper. One example is to save money that is paper. There is lots of waste paper in the office or library. If there were out of paper, we would buy new one. However, it takes money by buying new one, so if there is still a part that can be used, we can use as a scrap paper again in order to save money. Other method is to turn off the light and TV when we are not using them. If we keep turning on the light, it spends a lot of money. However, if we turn off the light or TV, it does not spend a lot of money. So we can save money by turning off the light. Thirdly, saving energy is also important of learning for recycling and waste disposal. It is possible to take less energy by recycling that is to use my own bag instead of plastic bag. Most of the shops provide plastic bag for customer. Plastic bag is strong and very useful for me. However, by making plastic things, it releases petroleum as a raw material to the earth. It may lead to the global warming. If I use my own bag instead of plastic bag, it can save to release petroleum. Also nowadays, some markets take money by buying plastic
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