How The Millennial Generation Is Transforming Employee Benefits?

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The television network PBS aired a documentary on Frontline named Generation Like. The documentary shows the lives of teens and twenty somethings interacting with social media. It explains how our generation, The Millennials or Digital Natives, care about online likes and how we are our own publicity team. We unknowingly help corporations and franchises sell products just by liking it on Facebook, reblogging it on Tumblr, or retweeting on Twitter. The documentary aired on 18 February 2014 and can be considered digitally outdated because Facebook is not as popular as it used to be in my age group. Generation Like is very informative regarding how corporations get money off of likes and our relationship with technology but it does not portray…show more content…
In an article by Neil Howe, “How the Millennial Generation is Transforming Employee Benefits”, he states “The Millennial Generation shows far more interest than older generations in a broad spectrum of employee benefits to protect them from various life risks” (8). We learned from our parents and grandparents the horrors of being financially insecure. This generation witnessed the 2007-08 financial crisis and how it affected their family. Seeing that, affected the generation to take a conservative new approach to financial, medical and other life risks and they want their employers to provide benefits that protect them from risks (Howe 9). The need for a safety net is strong for this generation along with being concerned with retirement. The survey for Ameritrade found that 56% of workers under the age of 35 are making regular contributions toward their retirement and they are saving in both their 401(k)s and their individual retirement accounts than any older age bracket before (Howe…show more content…
But the documentary lacked representation of non-Latino minorities, the college attending students, and the people in the workforce changing employee benefits. There’s Millennials that make profit from being online like Tyler Oakley and other YouTubers but there’s also average everyday Millennial 's in school and going into more traditional careers. Facebook isn’t as popular in 2015 but the internet and social media is a part of the millennial generation and will be a part of generations after. More jobs in advertisement will most likely come from social media like TVGLA. There will be more studies on this generation because we are the biggest since the baby boomers. The Millennials are the future and will shape the U.S economy. We are more than just digitally obsessed or self-absorbed we’re more accepting and ready to organize protests for

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