Analysis Of The Millennial Generation

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The Millennial Generation
The Millennials generation is widely known to be “entitled, narcissistic, self-interested, unfocused and lazy” as Simon Sinek (2016) said in his interview on Inside Quest about the Millennial generation. Essentially, he is saying that Millennials have issues that will cause them problems for developing in the real world. I agree that Millennials are not prepared for the real world and they do have issues. Sinek (2016) starts off by asserting the Millennial generation is unprepared for the world because of by four categories parenting, technology, impatience, and environment.
This generation, he admits, was raised by parents who told them they were special and got what they wanted because their parents fought to get
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In addition, these examples shared the common denominator for adolescents it was used as a coping mechanism, instead of turning to a friend and having a deep connection with a person about the problems that were arising as they would turn to a cigarette, bottle or in this case a device. To complicate the matter Sinek (2016) brings up the subject of how this generation doesn’t know how to interact with people without a device. Furthermore, these devices do not have any kind of age restriction, but alcohol and cigarettes do because they are addicting, but Sinek (2016) points out that so is social media and there is no sort of age restriction on that, along with not being able to rely on their friends for anything because the relationship is very superficial. Leads to his third point, impatience, or instant gratification as Sinek (2016) puts it. He states the fact that at this time anyone and everyone can get anything they want with a quick click of a button and their package will arrive the next day. Sinek (2016) emphasizes that it is not their fault, it is the…show more content…
All the research that has been done for this specific subject show that people do get addicted to devices, and in a world where technology is only advancing the majority of people have a device they carry all the time, I strongly agree that most cannot go without their phone or at least go an hour without checking for any notifications and that makes them dependent on devise like a drug. In summary, with all the stress that adolescents endure this is where an addiction can begin to form and all these addictions that can form are stumbled upon by accident this may become like second nature to the person which could then become dangerous. With this problem in mind, one also needs to take into consideration the fact that these devices do not allow time, skills, or the patience for this generation to form deep and meaningful relationships that are needed to get along in the real world. In other words, devices and social media are the roots of this problem and I believe that it can be fixed with more informative websites that are annoyingly advertised. In order to use devices fewer people need to start taking small steps to accomplish this goal; for instance, not having any devices while eating or being around family and friends, not having devices out when in a meeting. He emphasizes the fact that these devices pose a problem, for instance, checking your phone first thing in
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