How Terrorism Affects Other Countries

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Go ahead, lie down. Lie down. Down, down, down. There is someone ... Huh? Down, down, down. Sit down. Come on, sit down. No, no, no, no, no. No. Down, down, down. Down. No more. No more. Down. Please, please, please ... Down. Please, please, don't hurt me … Down. No more. Oh God. Down, down, down. Sit down. Shut up. No more. This? Yes. Unintelligible. One moment, one moment. Unintelligible. No more. Down, down, down, down. No, no, no, no, no, no… Unintelligible. Sit down, sit down, sit down (Richard Wallace). This is a direct quote from a passenger of flight 93. This plane was one of the two to hit the World Trade Center. There are many terrorist groups in the world, many people think al-Qaeda is the only one and their wrong. During this paper you will be informed about terrorist’s and how they plan their attacks on countries. You will also be learning about how our military deals with terrorists. Now sit back and read about some no good terrorists. Terrorism has caused war, safer national security, and safer broken families within the world. One thing that terrorists have caused and are causing and will cause is war throughout the world.For example, these terrorists are able to get weapons of mass destruction, the united states is sure of where they these weapons but it is not a good feeling knowing that they have these weapons. What will the military do if they use these weapons on america? The most well known terrorist group is known as al-Qaeda, these guys are like kings in the terrorist world.(Ian Johnson) If these guys have someone they do not like they will try their best to annihilate them.For instance, if a terrorist does not care who they hurt, they just want to hurt them and their families. These actions are what ca... ... middle of paper ... ...rrorists, don’t deal with terrorists yourself just let the military deal with them, and understand why a nations security will increase to terrorists. Terrorists need to be dealt with immediately, a country should never overlook the power of a terrorist. Work Cited Page “al-Qaeda’s Shadow Land.” New York Times 12 Jan. 2010: Global Issues in Context web. 25 Feb. 2014 “ Brotherhood Always Comes at a Price.” Globe and Mail. 17 May 2010: ALS. Global Issues in Context. Web. 25 Feb. 2014. “ Nuclear Bunkum: Do Not Panic: Bin Ladens WMD are Mythical Too.” the American Conservative 9.1 (2010): 20+. Global Issues in Context . Web. 25 Feb. 2014 “ Schizophrenia May be Triggered by DNA Mutations.” Independent(UK). 23 Jan. 2014. Web. Feb 2014 “ Terrorism.” Global Issues in Context Collection. Detroit: Gale. 2014. Global Issues in Context Web. 19 Feb. 2014

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