How Should We Draw The Line Between Normality And Disorder?

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How should we draw the line between normality and disorder? The official definition of a disorder is: persistently harmful thoughts, feelings, and actions. It has been defined as anything that is deviant, distressful, and dysfunctional. It is also based on situation because a soldier killing during wartime may not be considered killing but a civilian in Iowa killing might be considered deviant. What perspectives can help us understand psychological disorders? A medical approach can help us, this would look at disorders as a chemical imbalance that can be offset. The other perspective these can be seen through is a biopsychosocial approach this involves analyzing and carefully changing the patient 's environment to better suite their learning needs. How and why do clinicians classify psychological disorders? They classify disorders so that they can attempt to predict the course of the disorder and possibly suggest a better treatment option. It is also used as a financial asset to justify the use of insurance money. Why do some psychologists criticize the use of diagnostic labels? Once we label someone we will naturally view that person differently and in turn treat them worse. What are anxiety disorders, and how do they differ from ordinary worries and fears? In short the answer is, if it is intense and persistent. Anxiety is a normal thing that all people experience in some capacity but if this does not go away after a certain time period or situation than it may be an anxiety disorder. What produces the thoughts and feelings that mark anxiety disorders? Unfocused, out-of-control negative feelings mark an anxiety disorder. What are somatoform disorders? These are disorders that give the patient unexplainable physical ... ... middle of paper ... ...? Psychopharmacology the study of how certain drugs affect the mind. This is oftentimes criticized because of over prescription of harmful and dangerous drugs. How effective is electroconvulsive therapy, and what other brain-stimulation options may offer relief from severe depression? No one really knows for sure in the 50 years that it has existed it has worked for some and not others. What is psychosurgery? It is when surgery is performed on the brain. How, by caring for their bodies with a healthy lifestyle, might people find some relief from depression? It allows for their psychological selves to affect their psychological selves. What is the rationale for preventive mental health programs? They seek to prevent the risk factors that contribute to mental health illness. They encourage their clients to limit risk factors and enhance their protective factors.

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