How Nikola Tesla Impacted the World

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How Nikola Tesla impacted the world

Have you ever relaxed on the beach while sitting back and listening to the radio? If you have, then you were using a device created by the renowned scientist Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla was a Croatian scientist of the late 1800s who worked closely with Thomas Edison and who, regardless of his lack of education, created over seven hundred different inventions throughout his life. Tesla was born in the Croatian Military Frontier, currently known as Croatia, on July 10, 1858. Tesla went to college for engineering at a Austrian polytechnic school. Although tesla did not finish college and dropped out of two universities without completing a single year he was still an avid reader and he is thought to have had a photographic memory.

In 1884 Tesla moved decided to move to America, planing on finding more resources on his research. Nikola worked for Thomas Edison, and in return Edison wrote a letter of recommendation for Tesla, “ I have only Known two great men - one is you(Edison) the other is a young man”. Although Tesla worked for Edison, he disagreed with him on many points. After a certain point Edison promised Tesla a fifty thousand dollar payment( today a little more than one million dollars) for a repair on machines of Edison. The Promise of Edison for the money was delivered so Tesla left Edison after this incident.

After Tesla left Edison’s company he went off in search of starting his own company. Tesla was given an empty promise and had no money to keep a perfectly running company, but besides that point he still formed a company ,“Tesla Electric & light Manufacturing” in 1886. People started to recognize Tesla and a few wealthy men gave donations to him for research. A Banker name...

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