How Distracted Driving Is Killing Teens

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A: Summary of “Distracted Driving Killing More American Teens”.
In fall 2008 Ryan Didone was with four of his friends, when he hit a tree with his car. He died at the hospital as 15 years old. Captain Thomas Didone works at the police department, and he is Ryan’s father. He never thought he was those parents who would get a phone call like that. If it could happen to him, it could happen to anyone. Ryan’s father was with his son, the day he was born, and he unfortunately had to be with his son, the day he died, and he never wishes that to any parents. It was an inexperienced, and immature driver and to high speed at night with some other kids. He was going too fast. Ryan gave serious trauma for the rest of the community.
More than 4 000 teenagers lose their life in car accidents in the United States every year. Ray La Hood says that distracted driving has become an epidemic; because many teenagers sell cellphones and they think that they can talk while driving the car safely, but they can’t.
Teenagers don’t have a brain like 25 years old, because they had never experienced car driving, and you put a higher risk, when you also are texting.
B: Discuss the problems and solution in relation to distracted driving
“In 2008 nearly 6 000 Americans died in crashes involves driver, who were busy doing something other than driving.”
I find the fact that distracted driving has caused so many deaths exceedingly tragic, however it should not surprise me. Additionally I’m inclined to the view that this issue – unfortunately - has become a more controversial problem in proportion to earlier. I don’t think that there exists a specifically solution in relation to this problem – if so not yet - however I’m convinced that there eventually has to b...

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...ary, I would drive aside and stop the car.
Another program is capable of warning you if you’ve forgotten the seatbelt. It is also a good thing, because the person would be more informed, and remember it, and at the end do it automatically. If the driver keeps ignoring the sounds, the device could inform parents, that the driver continues to demonstrate risky driving behaviors. Of course it is an exceedingly effective and helpful program, but personally I would not prefer it. If I drove a car with such a program, I wouldn’t feel comfortable. I would always think that there are might someone watching all my actions and it would not feel right.
Texting while driving is legal in 30 States and Washington DC. In my opinion it has to be illegal in all the states of America - let alone the world. Since it’s a very big and serious problem it has to be taken more seriously.
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