How Did Mythology Influence Roman Mythology

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“Many structures of the Roman empire were made through the influence of Roman mythology. Some structures are still influenced today. Imagination was involved in the creative writing process. Their myths extend farther and lasted longer than the Roman Empire. Many of the myths influences literature, art, and music. Roman myths represented heroism and because of this, most of the history about Rome reflected in Roman politics, religion, and society. Roman mythology is important because it shaped ancient Rome’s origins and religious system while also building their civilization upon the visual arts, literature, and psychology.
Rome’s culture had strong support for their culture through mythology. The visual arts were supported through imagination. According to The Ancient Romans, many people would hear the myths and create the image of the gods, goddesses, and heroes. In ancient Rome, sculptures, murals, and painting were created in this image. There were sculptures that represented figures such as Pegasus and Perseus, which derived from myths (Schomp 33). Visual arts was not the solitary part of Rome’s culture in which was built upon myths. Literature was also based off of most of the gods in the sky. Since basically mythology was their literature, the books written in ancient Rome was mythology. Many famous themes were inscribed with the words of their literature. These themes had shaped the daily life of a Roman for thousands of years. The everyday life of a Roman was also regulated through the beliefs of Rome. Religion played a really significant part in the everyday life of ...

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... similar myths apart. Roman mythology had an explanation of how Rome came about even though it is a myth. This proves the importance of Roman mythology.
Roman mythology is important because it creates the history of ancient Rome. Without roman mythology, many beliefs and achievements of the roman empire would never have been accomplished or even found. Today Roman mythology is known world wide. Even though it was influenced by the Greeks, it allowed in other parts of the world to come to know about Roman mythology. In many other parts of the worlds, the myths are called differently and have different aspects. They are not as similar like how Greek and Roman myths are. In America, we call them folk tales. These folk tales consist of life lessons. Mythology is different in every country. However, it has been a significant process which as being carried for centuries.”
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